With years of experience working with couples inside the wedding circuit, I have quickly learned that no two pairings are exactly alike. I will work closely with you to ensure that your wedding ceremony goes just the way you’d always imagined, as smoothly as possible. My ultimate goal as your wedding officiant is to help create an experience that brings nothing but positive thoughts and smiles every time you think back to the day that you and your love truly became one.  

I am here to help bring your ideas to life, not to tell you how your wedding should be.  Whether you want to be married on the beach at Presque Isle, in a Garden, on a boat or in your home with family and friends around you, I will be there to officiate your ceremony as stress-free as possible.  I also work with the major hotels and banquet coordinators in Erie, Crawford County and Chautauqua County.


Whether you want to be married on the beach, boat, garden or back yard, I will be there for you.
Licensed in Pennsylvania, New York and Ohio.
Covering the Cleveland, Buffalo and Pittsburgh triangle.
I have experience working with over 250 couples and know that every bride and groom is unique. 
I will seek to reflect your personality, lifestyle, family traditions, and spiritual beliefs into your special day.